Arun Sharma

"No, I didn't wear anything special for the first day of school. This is how I normally dress. It's a little too hot for a jacket, but I don't let that stop me." 

Arun is a freshman from Chicago. He's interested in studying the humanities.


In this outfit, Arun uses neutral colored items with subtle patterns. The polo is light grey, but has some colored speckles. The jacket is white, but has a faint grey pattern. These colors contrast nicely with the dark leather bag and dark suede shoes. 

Harrison Santana

"I don't like to look sloppy. When somebody looks at me, they're going to see how I dress to make an impression."

Harrison works at SuitSupply in Soho.


Classics, especially with a twist, look elegant and stylish in this outfit. Beginning at the bottom, tassel loafers are an old style revived as trendy footwear. The blue trousers are formal but have a sporty shade and modern cut. Then the brown overcoat is accented with a mature, brown-plaid scarf. Timeless articles combine with modern flair. 

A. Depompeis

"I traded this coat off a bum. Right now I'm actually going to something like an interview."

A. Depompeis works as a restaurant consultant in New York. His next gig might take him to Mexico!


No one piece of this outfit is particularly noticeable. Together, however, they craft a grungy, New Yorker look. The dark grey overcoat hangs off his shoulders in way that demonstrate its character. The blue oxford is a clean, classic complement. Toggles are kind of nifty, but closing only one on the sweater keeps it extremely casual. And of course New Yorkers love their beanies. 


Edwin Tetteh

"I wake up and thrown on whatever. Some days I'm super grungy. Other days I clean up. For the Spring, my color palette is shades of pink. I grew into my style. I was inspired by my Dad. As a kid, I raided his closet!"

Edwin Tetteh lives in Brooklyn, New York. He works in fashion. 


It's hard to describe this elegant but casual outfit. The gray herringbone overcoat is a smart classic. It goes well with the light gray trousers. These grays are contrasted by the black shawl, which is piece American men rarely wear. Adding some whimsy, the light pink sneakers and the pale pink beanie make this a distinctly beautiful outfit. 

Stephen Krewson

"I used to shop at a thrift store around the corner, but then it closed. Now I mostly buy higher quality stuff. I transformed, from an opportunist, into an investor. I prefer simpler items and avoid ornaments. These days I am also super into denim."

Stephen is an English PhD student at Yale. He hopes to combine his interests in technology and the arts in his career.


This dark streetwear ensemble looks ready for an appearance in Soho. The shades of different items complement the others: gray denim, gray jacket, navy undercoat, and black hoody. The quilted coat also has beautiful details. It's uncommon to find such an item that buttons up and has a long coat-tail.