Diego Buscaglia

“I don’t dress for the occasion. I dress whatever I feel.”

Diego works at the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in Boston. He hails from Cambridge, Massachusetts and has an interest in theater. When I approached him, he was taking photos of his colleague for Instagram.


This outfit is eclectic. Beginning at the bottom, the brown leather boots look clean yet rugged. I’m not sure what the pants are. Speckled joggers? I like ‘em. The plaid button down has a green and blue color scheme I would normally dislike, but somehow it fits into the ensemble. A navy knit tie and a tie clip present a trendy, casual complement to the shirt. I want the blazer: it’s a versatile classic. It adds a base and a normal texture to the otherwise busy outfit. Topping it off, the fedora conveys that Diego has the confidence to rock whatever he wants.