Zach Cohen

“I buy clothes for value, starting with staples that will last. Right now I’m all about American-made.”

Zach has been in the menswear industry for years. He currently works at the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop in Boston. When I approached him, his colleague was photographing him for Instagram. I like Zach’s beard.


Describing an outfit such as this one is difficult by design. The ensemble gives me an Americana-hipster vibe. Combining a genuine leather jacket with a white OCBD, Zach pushes prep and street wear together. The black silk tie thrusts the outfit into a completely different type of formal attire. On first glance the pants seem fairly normal, and then you notice that they’re held up by metal hook braces: I’ve never seen anything like them. Below the bold, huge cuffs are textured socks and beautiful shoes. The color appears to be a gold museum calf. It’s gorgeous. Zach makes sure you won’t forget his diverse ensemble by topping it off with a distinctive grey fedora and a big hat case.