Kevin Tan


"I don't think clothes should be a symbol of status. I think they should represent your creativity and style. 

It’s also interesting when fashion is used as a signifier. Why are we about to see Canada Goose coats everywhere on campus?  I don’t know, just something interesting to think about. One of my favorite lines from Kanye is “y’all wear suits cause you can’t dress no more."

My style comes from my attitude. I like to stand out. I also like to be comfortable. I remember once in 3rd grade, I wore a pink tie around the hood of my hoodie, because I thought it was cool. I would sketch sneakers in class and always added a bunch of neon. 

I love boots too. Boots all the way."

Kevin grew up in Cleveland and is now a senior studying Physics. He describes his style as "laid back, artistic, with a bit of edge.”


Plaid? Check. Light brown khakis? Check. Leather boots for both practicality and style? Check. This outfit assembles all the essentials you need to dominate the autumn fashion game. The casual plain white t-shirt layered underneath tones the outfit down to create a more laid-back feel, while the red backpack simply says, "I'm bold." The denim jackets finishes the outfit off.