Gian-Paul Bergeron

"I grew up on a houseboat in Sausalito. My mom bought all my clothes for most of my life. She would always buy plain black stuff, which seemed really boring. I just bought the weirdest clothes I could get. I like pins. I like fun socks. I got this hat at a thrift shop in Santa Monica. People talk to you if you wear weird stuff."

Gian-Paul is a junior majoring in American Studies. He focuses on film, and when I took this photo he was reading about a director whose name I can't pronounce. 


Multicolored, patterned, and bright, the hat is the first thing you notice about this outfit. The light green pants continue the brightness, whereas the white shirt with a more tame design complements the colors and makes a balance. The fun socks pop--until you notice the light brown leather shoes. It takes character to dress in such a noticeable and original way.