Richard Riddick

"Fashion here in New Haven is a bit more unified, preppy -- not exactly to my taste. Does my style reflect my character? Well, my coat is English, so I suppose if you think there's something English about my personality... Oh, and the shoes? That's just for the rain -- they're waterproof."

Richard is from London, England, and is a PhD student in French. He was seen to be busily carrying a huge stack of books before being promptly halted by us.


This outfit is essentially a grand battle between comfort and style. The t-shirt and jeans may make the outfit seem nothing more than just normal and casual, but you'd be sorely mistaken--the brown top coat completely transforms it into a stylish outfit that makes Richard stand out from the rest. Of course, the flashy neon green waterproof sneakers adds a flair of style and practicality to the outfit.