Kris Todi

"My family moved to Canada from Albania when I was six. I remember that my parents worked very hard to support me and my brothers. I learned at an early age that love entails sacrifice, and that knowledge has had a huge impact on my vision of the kind of man I want to become. I think that my style reflects a sort of Hegelian struggle for recognition: my Albanian roots clash with my Canadian upbringing, each vying for supremacy over the other in a duel to the death...wait, I'm totally kidding. I just wear what makes me happy."

Kris is an entrepreneur by day, a poet by night, and a romantic at heart.


The full zip is a great sweater to layer clothes in the fall. This burgundy piece is rich in fall color and in texture. Paired with the tucked in OCBD, it gives the outfit a more casual, warm vibe.