Petter Wehlin

"I feel like my clothes represent the kind of person I am and where I come from. Swedish people care a bit more. Scandinavian style is somewhere between British preppy and American sporty. 

Oh and I have a cheesy line: many people dress to fit in, but I dress to stand out. I care about how I dress. Not for showing off, but for...I don't know."

Petter Wehlin is a junior at Yale, where he studies Mechanical Engineering. He grew up in Malmö, Sweden. 


Suede chukka boots, stone chinos, and a fair isle sweater combine for a simple and elegant outfit. The texture of the shoes and the pattern of the sweater both impart a softness. The socks and the sweater use the same colors: white and blue. All together, the clothes look cool and warm in a smart way.