Ahmed Syed


Ahmed Syed

“Whether you like it or not, your clothes speak for you. Clothes are an outward reflection of who you think you are. What you wear has an impression on other people–impressions are important. I want people to look at me positively, but I don’t want to dress well for a shallow reason.

Some people say that you should dress whatever you feel, but I really disagree with that. I dress both for myself and for those around me. It’s a way to show people respect and courtesy.”

Ahmed Syed is a sophomore studying Economics and Computer Science. He proudly hails from the Windy City.


This outfit puts together a group of normal articles of clothing to create a balanced yet creative look. Brown leather shoes and dark pants anchor the outfit. The red shirt with polka-dots adds some whimsy that shows Ahmed’s personality. The gray blazer makes the outfit more dressy, while its knit texture keeps it relaxed and casual. And the sunglasses look good.

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