Jasper Lipton


Jasper Lipton

“I like indigo. I’m obsessed with blue things and flight jackets. What am I going for? I want to look like Han Solo. You build out a character for yourself and try to fulfill your fantasy.

Dune by Frank Herbert also influenced me a lot. But mostly Han Solo.”

Jasper is the Editor-in-Chief of Styleforum. He lives in Colorado and travels frequently. I photographed him on the balcony (not the fire escape) at the Proper Kit Trunk show, which was organized by Styleforum and A&H Magazine. 


Just two colors build this distinctive outfit. Off-white suede Chelsea boots are paired with classic, cuffed blue jeans. A sort of white, long pop-over shirt is paired with a long, indigo coat that’s kind of like a cape. The drape of the clothes is awesome. This outfit epitomizes how to dress chill.


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