Noah G. Susskind


Noah G. Susskind

“A lot of the exchange about clothing and style today focuses on trends, looks, fit, quality, price, and comfort. Those are important. But I also like thinking about clothing’s history, symbolism, supply chains, and sustainability. I can’t help it, given where I’m from, where I’ve been, where I am, and what I care about. All of that informs how I dress. At this point it feels automatic and fun. That’s how I ended up wearing this mashup outfit.”

Noah is a law school graduate who lives in Brooklyn and works in finance. I photographed him at the Proper Kit Trunk show, which was organized by Styleforum and A&H Magazine. 


The first thing I notice is the black leather bomber. It’s a special piece. The minimalist design and thin band collar are modern and elegant. Under the jacket, the white shirt is more than meets the eye. It isn’t actually striped: those are actually folds of fabric down the shirt. Finally, the gray windowpane pants add a more formal dimension that continues the elegance of the outfit. The drape is on point.

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