Tylor Delise


Tylor Delise

“I used to be one of those guys who wore gym shorts. Then two years ago I went to Old Navy and bought a button down. The rest is history.”

Tylor Delise is a student from Pennsylvania. He runs @tiedupwardrobe on Instagram. When he’s older, he plans on going into the fashion industry.  I photographed him at the Proper Kit Trunk show, which was organized by Styleforum and A&H Magazine. 


Pairing a well-fitting navy blazer with olive trousers, Tylor creates a smart casual outfit. The details take it to the next level. His light brown shoes look youthful. A tie clip adds a touch of class. The pocket square is folded impeccably. A dearth of belt loops brings flair. And the flower lapel pin tops it all off.

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